Lila Sarhang Zadeh

Lila is the owner of and head baker at HALVA. Originally hailing from Algeria, Lila comes from a proud family of firm food lovers. She grew up around pastry and has fond memories of gigantic pastries being produced at home for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings… She obviously picked up a thing or two!

She then moved to France where she initially spent ten years and in the process became a huge fan of everything French, including the food! Eventually she felt the travel bug bite again and Lila headed across to Asia for a period, but not without learning how to bake first so she would always have a good loaf to hand, wherever she happened to be in the world.

Once back in Europe, Lila decided to get professionally trained as a baker in France. It was during this training that she developed a passion for baking in a traditionally French style; using only three ingredients and a complex and interesting process to bring the bread to life.

It is this passion for taste and technique that has led to her bringing the fresh bread and other baked goods to the heart of Fulham in the form of HALVA.
Every bite is a tasty testament to her remarkable journey.